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Two of Vigours favourite treatments! Masking gives an instant pick me up, improving the look, feel and texture of the skin. In the Masking Kit we have showcased a delightful gel based mask and a beautiful creamy clay to attend to a myriad of conditions as your skin requires. Hydrating, brightening, deep cleaning, nourishing. plumping, calming and more!

Overnight Mask & Flash Balm

This wonder masking, Flash Balm & friction peel ( Gentle exfoliation ) application is laced with deeply saturating nutritive oils including Macadamia, Avocado and Jojoba to replenish the skin and create a healthier barrier function enabling the skin to keep moisture in more effectively. A Silica and Grapeseed component helps keep skin clear whilst Honey and Lavender act as anti-inflammatories, soothing the skin, binding moisture and hydrating. Collagen and Aloe Vera plump the skin smoothing out lines and refreshing the complexion whilst a natural and powerful blend of Mulberry, Cranberry and Licorice act as brighteners and antioxidants to protect, repair and even the skin tone.

Nourish + Detox Mask

A creamy nutritive mask that also gently draws toxins from the skin leaving it perfectly treated. Enriched with hydrating honey & Aloe, Kakadu plum for brightening & Australian white clay to assist in eliminating toxins from the skin whilst also soothing. Rose, Geranium & macadamia rejuvenate & replenish.


Masking is a easy skin care step of apply, leave to do it wonderous work and remove or in the Overnight Masks case, sleep! Best done on your exfoliation days to feed and treat the new skin (but doesn't have to be). Alternatively you can apply the overnight mask to do its work and then utilise the friction peel method with product for a all in one treatment. Enjoy the instant pick me up and glory of masking.

Nourish + Detox Mask

Apply a thin layer evenly to cleansed skin. Leave for 15 minutes and then gently rinse off or use a wet, wrung out face cloth to compress & wipe clean. Follow with your usual serum and moisturiser. Recommended usage up to 2 times per week.

Overnight Mask & Flash Balm

1. Overnight mask: Cleanse skin and pat dry before application. For optimal results wipe over prior to application with your Vigour Skin Therapy Botanical H20 & apply your favourite Vigour Skin Therapy serum or elixir. Apply a generous amount of mask to the skin & massage for a minute or two. Go to sleep and let the mask do all the work.
2. Flash Balm: Cleanse skin & pat dry, apply and leave on for a few minutes. Wipe away the excess, apply your moisturiser & off you go with newly refreshed, hydrated & brightened skin.
3: Friction peel: Apply a thin layer & allow to dry. Use a circular motion to roll the product off taking deadened dull skin with it

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