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Over 20 Years Experience Creating Skin Health

Celebrating over 20 years of creating skin health is a wonderous milestone. 
Staying true to the fundamentals and the essence of where the passion for skin and wellbeing started for me and Vigour Skin Therapy has been paramount. Never wanting to dilute this essence I believe has been the determining factor of longevity in the industry.

Always offering integrity and staying true to clean options that are created locally that always work together with your skin, never against it. Harnessing and stimulating the skins natural abilities and functions to get it to a healthy state and then maintaining that flow. Protecting it and picking up where it’s lacking as well as counteracting conditions that hinder it’s strength. In salon it’s always about  creating a customised, tailor made sequence of applications, processes and rituals after getting “the big picture” behind each clients skin… then lacing each treatment with signature relaxation and stress relieving elements as looking good is so much about feeling good. 

All treatments and skincare applications come from a place of wanting to create balance and wellbeing and a place of knowledge and true understanding creating long term change and optimal results. 
As the years have gone on the implementation of harnessing the wonders of Australian Native Botanicals has been one of the most exciting with more to come as well as looking further into how we best create a joy and pleasure in looking after our skin. The “Skin Health Rituals” will see this materialise more and more.  

We look forward to equipping you with daily rituals that enhance your skin and day!

Creating Skin Beauty Naturally.

Showcasing organic, natural +safe science ingredients for a blend of powerful actives that create results and skin health. Excitedly some of the Vigour range now harnesses the rejuvenating and antioxidant properties of The Native Blend ( Lilly Pilly, Quandong, Kakadu Plum & Macadamia ). All of the Vigour actives work to positively stimulate the skins functions, balance the skin, regenerate, protect and prevent. Antioxidants, plant extracts, fruits, vitamins, minerals, specialised oils, marine extracts & more! are combined to create a synergy of treatment that works with the skin, not against it. Vigour Skin Therapy is condition specific so each skin’s individual needs are catered to. No nasties just love for you and your skin.

No nasties! Just love for you & your skin
Australian owned & manufactured.
No animal testing
Refilling system available.

Contains No;

Synthetic colours or fragrance
Sodium laureth sulphate or it’s derivatives
Harsh detergents
Formaldehyde or it’s derivatives
Mineral oil

About Me.

I’ve been in the skin industry since 2001.
I have always had a passion for the skin, its cellular processes, natural ingredients and a ritualistic approach to wellbeing….. blending all of that together and fast forwarding to today, it has taken me from managing salons, to owning a successful skin clinic, to creating one of Australia’s favourite natural skincare ranges, to fine tuning my craft into a unique and specialised skin consultation and facial experience. My specialised service has created a loyal following of clients and changed one skin at a time creating true long-lasting skin health, for over 2 decades now. My hunger for staying educated and at the top of my game is unwavering, to ensure I always deliver the optimum in service and results.

Natasha Duarte

Affiliated Practitioners & Services.

At Vigour Skin Therapy we like to create the whole picture behind skin health & wellbeing as well as looking & feeling your best.

Only the best affilated practitioners and services are provided & / or recommended either under our roof or by appointment off site. Naturopathy, dieticians support, hormone specialists, beauty technicians including makeup, lashes, brows, tanning, nails and more. Fabulously we are located above an award winning hair salon so you can conveniently book in a wash and blowdry post facial or create a brand new look.

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