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    Client Testimonials

    imgimgI have been seeing Natasha for about a year for my facial treatments, and my skin has been in the best condition since I can remember. Aside from the range of natural products that she uses, her massage technique is the best I have come across. I am always left feeling stress-free, relaxed and radiant after my treatments at Vigor.
    Meyshia Khou
    imgimgWhat can I say? Each time I receive a treatment I feel like I just had a pampering holiday. The astonishing results from each treatment are instant. My skin is brighter, clearer and positively glows. And that’s only half of it! The indulgent head, shoulder, neck, arm and hand massage eases all the tension and I leave the establishment feeling like I’ve just left a spa resort. I have recommended a friend and she is now a loyal client as well!
    Kathy Au
    imgimgDiscovering Vigour Skin Therapy was the best thing that ever happened to my skin. Natasha’s amazing knowledge and passion of the skin was so refreshing, and she has definitely captured all that knowledge and dedication into an AMAZING face and body product range. I have never used any products that work as well as the Vigour Skin Therapy range, and the best part is, it is all made with natural ingredients and has no nasty chemicals or preservatives that can be found in most products on the market these days, and having very sensitive skin, that was music to my ears!

    After returning from a 7-week overseas trip with my skin in absolute turmoil, and a bad case of adult acne, I started a6-week treatment with Natasha. Starting a daily regime of the Vigour Skin Rebalance range and seeing Natasha weekly for her amazingly relaxing yet super-cleansing facials (the best facials I have ever had!) has cleared it all up. The products make my skin feel radiant and flawless and continuously balanced day in, day out while also getting a deep cleanse every time. I have used her body products as well (from body wash, to scrubs and moisturisers) and they are just as amazing as her face range. I could never go back and highly recommend the Vigour Skin Therapy range for anyone as it caters for ALL skins types and with Natasha’s education, I now understand my skin a lot better and have never been happier.
    Sandy Vieira
    imgimgI have been seeing Natasha as my beautician for the past 5 years. I first went to see Natasha when I was 33 hoping to try one last time to see if any facial treatments or products would give me the results I hoped for. My skin was dry and sensitive and I was hoping to achieve smooth flawless looking skin.

    My ideal outcome was to be comfortable around people with or without makeup on, particularly if you were talking to them with the sun shining directly on your face. Natasha achieved all of this for me and more.

    Until meeting Natasha I had pretty much given up and had decided (incorrectly) that genetically I just did not have fantastic skin. I had tried at least 5 of the big brand name products over the years as well as treatments by as many beauty salons and had not succeeded in achieving the results I was looking for. After seeing Natasha for 6 consecutive treatments - an indulgence in itself - I had friends and family everywhere commenting on how great my skin looked. I look at photos of myself now when I was 22 and my skin looks better now at 38 years of age than it did at 22. Following the course of 6 treatments, I was able to go onto a maintenance program which was sustainable in terms of financial and time commitments.
    Natasha used a combination of well known brands however I am sure that if I went to Natasha now with the same problems that using her new range - Vigour Skin Therapy products - she would achieve the same result. I have been able to keep my skin looking and feeling great ever since and am in the process of swapping all of my skin care products over to Vigour Skin therapy products.

    I found that Natasha's strengths in identifying your skin type and current problems, her amazing knowledge after a long career as a beautician, and her passion for treating clients and getting them the best results possible came up with an unbeatable and winning

    Aside from her professionalism, amazing knowledge and passion for the beauty industry, Natasha is a delight to meet and makes you feel pampered and that your time in her salon is your time. She listens to your feedback and wants and needs, and without a doubt you know that the outcome Natasha achieves for you is just as important to her as it is to you.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Natasha's services as a beautician or the products she recommends to you.
    Anita McGlynn
    imgimgOnce I started using Vigour skin therapy my skin felt stronger and calmer. The fact that I don't need to wear make up everyday has made such a difference to me. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable showing my natural skin.
    Christina V
    imgimgI have tried many products over the years and have now found one that really works for me.
    Julie Tanner
    imgimgMy skin looks and feels amazing everyday.​ Over the years, I continually receive comments about how good my skin looks. At 52 years young after using Vigour for over 10 years.
    Nadia Gill


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