Organic Sweet Almond Oil Infusion 150ml

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Sweet Almond is a luxurious oil that softens and re-conditions the skin. It is rich in proteins, essential fatty acids and omegas creating optimum cell function and an anti-aging effect. It also contains skin smoothing vitamin A, regenerative and protective vitamin E, strengthening zinc, hydrating and skin balancing B vitamins and vitamin D that has been shown to assist with rashes such as psoriasis and eczema. It is a deeply nourishing oil. It is able to feed the skin for true treatment of dryness instead of sitting on the top of the skin, although it is also very protective and locks moisture in.

This oil Infusion is a multitasker. Apply daily after your shower or bath. Post body brushing increases it’s benefits. A few pumps into your bath will nourish the skin as you soak. You can massage it into your scalp and hair, apply a towel to your pillow and leave overnight. Wash hair as usual in the morning. This technique is great to do once to twice per week to improve the condition of the hair, smoothing the follicle and nourishing the hair and scalp. You can also rub into the cuticles and to the hair ends when dry. You can add a couple of drops of the Vigour Skin Therapy essential oil blend to up the benefits of both skin and wellbeing.

(Please follow dosage instructions on the Facial Essential Oil Blend)

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