Organic Jojoba Oil Cleanser 150ml

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Mimicking our skin’s own oils, this skin regulator enables areas of congestion & dryer dehydrated zones alike to be balanced. It has superior deep cleansing & emulsifying properties giving a thorough clean & replenishing action in one. This product is also the perfect eye makeup remover removing even the most stubborn water-proof mascara whist being gentle & replenishing to the eye area & conditioning the eyelashes

Apply liberally to the face & neck onto dry skin. Don’t mix with water. Massage for 1-2 minutes. Remove by pressing a warm wet wrung out face cloth onto the skin, then wipe away. You can follow with The Alkalising Gel Cleanser and the Botanical H20. If removing eye make up use a cool wet reusable disc to sweep down over the eyes, in the direction of the lashes after gently massaging the oil into the area.

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cold pressed Jojoba Oil. Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis