Skin care management

Vigor skin therapy uses specialized procedures as well as professional applications teamed with customized home care regimes to counteract your skin conditions and concerns creating your healthiest most radiant skin, long term results and prevention.


A though consultation is always undertaken prior to establishing the course of action for each individual allowing for optimum results through the most beneficial combination of applications and procedures being established.

The consultation process also allows for the client to have a deeper understanding of their skin, its conditions, where they are stemming from and how to counteract them. This empowerment to make the correct choices for your skin combined with the correct course of action creates a genuine change toward skin health and long term results rather than your skin feeling good for a few days after a facial and then returning to its usual state. Sound familiar?

With Vigor Skin therapy you will have the benefit of a skin care specialist changing up your regime as required and tackling the skin through its changes that occur through lifestyle, age, seasons and more.

The Skin is a live tissue and is directly affected by its environment and what it is exposed to it and what is applied to it. When you finally get the perfect synergy of treatment, small lifestyle tips and customized products with active ingredients specific to your skins requirements that’s when you will achieve skin health and skin as you never imagined you could achieve.


Specialised facial treatments marry the benefits of nature based Vigor skin therapy product applications with skin care technology including micro-dermabrasion, peeling treatments, collagen infusion, and oxygen therapy as well as customised classic treatments.

Relaxation therapies, massage and stress relief are laced within each treatment enabling a sense of wellbeing and providing an escape from the world.

The Benefits

The benefits of Vigor Skin Therapy treatsments include:

  • Flights signs of aging
  • Brightens and evens the skin tone
  • Smooths and refines the texture
  • Reduces redness and sensitivity
  • Clears and prevents future breakout and damage
  • Super nourishes and hydrates
  • Balances and counteracts concerns
  • Smoothing and strengthening
  • Prevention

Pores are refined, fine lines are minimized toxins are depleted, tone is evened, elasticity is increased, and sensitivity and redness is eased whilst a healthy & radiant glow is achieved.

The skins natural process’s that slow down with time are increased and set into overdrive for a more youthful complexion and prevention.

What are you waiting for!

Where to get your next Vigor Skin Therapy facial treatment

At the moment consultations and treatment are available at the Vigor Skin Therapy treatment room located in Gladesville Sydney NSW Please contact Natasha on 0410 378 070

About Natasha

With 10yrs experience in the industry Natasha brings professionalism, a wealth of knowledge, passion and genuine care into every treatment and is the founder of the Vigor products and philosophy.

As a beauty therapist and salon owner for many years I was becoming more and more aware of nasties in products that are on the market and as my first priority is always to achieve results for my clients and their skin I started to see that some of the ingredients in the high profile products I was stocking were hindering the ultimate results that could be achieved as well as not being good for mine and my clients health.

I started to investigate the natural product market and even though some of the products on the market smelt good, felt good and had a no nasties policies they weren’t achieving the results that I had been experiencing with the brands I had been using for years in the salon.

I set out on a quest to create a nature based product that was active, condition specific and sophisticated without the nasties and ultimately gave results and that’s where Vigor was born. Created by Sydney based cosmetic pharmacist and Australian owned as well as 100% recyclable packaging Vigor products tick all the boxes.

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Any second or subsequent voucher purchased of equal or higher value is at a 15% discount. The perfect excuse to spoil yourself too!

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