top 5 easy peasy ways to feel good

A simple way to stat the day is to choose a positive intention or a top 3 list of what you want to achieve. Creating a conscious and specific purpose for day gives focus and sets a “its going to be a good day” vibe. Ticking them off the list can also give you a sense of accomplishment – something else to feel great about!

Such a nice way to start or end the day. You can spend a couple of minutes or an hour! Its a way of being present in the moment, in your body and releasing tension not to mention releases endorphins, the happy hormone into the bloodstream.

our body is mainly water as well as our brain! making sipping on H20 a priority throughout the day ( 2.5ltrs + preferably ) will allow you to think more clearly, detoxify and get all systems working at their optimum. Did you know that Simple dehydration can actually bring on anxiety! headaches and that tired and sluggish feeling.

Sometimes we can be swamped with the daily grind stuff… and find our self just looking in front of us, getting stuck on the treadmill, and we can find ourselves stressed and a little uninspired/ feeling a little down and out. I find forcing yourself to think of a few things that make us so lucky can completely change our outlook and feeling of wellbeing. Right now I feel thankful for my health, the miracle that is my son and night time cuddles. See! I already feel amazing. #blessed.

stand up and sport a big smile! just do it and see how you feel in a few minutes. Amazing hey 🙂