Winter prod squad – receive free bath and body ritual


Evade the winter aggressors by arming yourself with our Winter prod squad!
Starting with our deep cleansing Organic Jojoba oil to remove the daily build up whilst nourishing and regulating the skin. Jojoba removes even the most stubborn of water proof mascaras – this product will give you your deepest cleanse ever!
Exfoliate the dry and dull winter skin away with our multitasking Renewal Mask and Exfoliation Hybrid. Acids, enzymes and bamboo powder smooth and polish the skin leading to a brighter and more illuminous complexion while igniting your cellular metabolism. Laced with nutrients and hydrators to then smooth and plump the skin.
Power oil serum, Renewal elixir energizes the tissue with ingredients such as co enzyme q 10 and alpha lipoic acid delivering 400 times the antioxidant properties of vit C. Rosehip quenches any and all dehydration from the skin.
Finally antioxidant surge cream does just that! A surge of nutrients are delivered while mack and shea butter protect and stimulate the skins circulation.
Our beautiful Rose milk bath soak and Made with organic sugar scrub are the perfect winter time bath rituals.
Soak away the day whilst hydrating the skin with natural ingredients and finish off the process with our organic sugar, macadamia, coconut, lime and mandarin polish to rid dead, dry skin and glow through winter (RRP $98)