Renewal Elixir – Coenzyme Q10 & Alpha Lipoic Acid Complex


Coenzyme Q10 is a powerhouse of action on the skin working as a super antioxidant preventing the breakdown of healthy tissue and protecting the skin cells as well as acting as a catalyst to positive functions within the skin and may increase the cellular energy. Alphalipoic acid is also present in the intense serum providing antioxidant protection up to 400 times more powerful than vitamin c as well as aiding in the slow down of major processes that occur in the skin that cause ageing, hindering the damage to our collagen and rebooting vitamins e and c. A cocktail of other protective vitamins as well as nutritive, protective and regenerative oils help create the perfect anti aging daily skin elixir.

N & J Say… Apply over lips to renew and smooth the area. Apply on backs of hands under Vigour hand slather for an extra anti ageing treatment. After applying to face, wipe off excess through ends of hair for extra nourished locks.