Collagen Eye, Lip and Line Fix


Suspended in organic aloe Vera gel, cucumber and marine collagen aid in super hydration, plumping and soothing areas as well as vitamins and minerals contained in regenerative and anti aging wonder ingredient sea buckthorn. Green tea detoxifies and boosts antioxidant protection whilst which hazel tones and tightens. Fine lines are reduced and tiredness eased.

N & J Say… Eye cream not enough? Why not try using collagen eye lip and line fix as an eye and lip specific “power serum” under Vigour's Antioxidant eye surge or Vigour lip slather for that extra kick.

Keep this product upside down (lid on the bottom) to make sure the product is always at the top when you are using. You may need to give the extra easy application roller ball a tap on your palm to encourage extra product.