Vigour Essentials Kit

$136.00 $99.00

Here’s to unlocking your journey to your best skin – This power trio is the perfect starter to a flawless face.
1. Revive treatment cleanser gently but effectively cleanses the skin, ridding the pores of dirt and blockages prepping the skin for your next application. Not only does revive treatment cleanser remove the day’s impurities but also gives essential amino acids, vitamins a minerals to strengthen and repair the tissue.
2. Renewal gel and exfoliation hybrid works wonders in so many ways. Lactic and salicylic acid smooth the surface and get deeper into pores and surface dehydration whilst bamboo powder gently buffs and polishes all the dead skin away. Set in a plethora of calming, balancing and purifying essential oils and ingredients this product finishes as a hydration mask plumping and illuminating the skin.
3. Repair Infusion instantly calms, balances and hydrates the skin. Vitamin E, evening primrose and jasmine absolute repair and even the skin tone. Jojoba balances the oil flow while a combination or herbal and plant based extracts feed the skin.
All of the above without the use of chemicals, synthetic colours, fragrance, petrol or its derivatives, sodium laureth sulphate, formaldehyde or mineral oils!
80% or more of the good stuff suspended in organic aloe vera gel.
Not housed in plastic to avoid toxic transfer.