PREP yourself… Party season styles

Considering we are right the thick of the Silly Season! We thought it a good time to give a few party prep tips to set you on your way the right way!

Prep for your prep….
During this Season, through lots of Christmas parties there is definitely more pollutants entering the body! Make sure your’e drinking at least 3L’s of water per day to combat the dehydration and flush your system from toxins brought on by alcohol and lots of naughty foods. In terms of food, go for the fresh seafood such as oysters and prawns as they’re full of skin loving minerals that will make you glow and zinc to combat breakout. Stay away from too much of the cheese etc if you are quite prone to breakout. Keeping alkaline is really important in regards to a healthy complexion. Starting your day with a big green smoothie topped with chlorophyll and spirulina will help keep the skin in its best condition. Pack with lots of anitoxidants such as frozen berries and spinach to help fight all the free radicals we will be putting into our bodies this season.

Create a smooth canvas for flawless make up and tan….
Every day, our skin cells are dying off and lying on the surface of our skin. This can make our skin look a little lackluster, dull and dry. The best way to reinvigorate and freshen up the body and face is to rid the skin of all the dead skin revealing the fresh plump skin underneath. Exfoliating the face and body are two different things. The skin on the face is alot more delicate than the body so a more sophisticated product is a must. Our fave prod for the face is our Renewal exfoliant and mask hybrid. This product uses a combination of enzymes to digest the dead skin and once massaged, gentle bamboo powder buffs and polishes the tissue for an absolute flawless canvas. Followed with serum and moisturizer this gives the face the perfect canvas to apply your game face this season!
When it comes to the body especially if you are a fake tan lover, the body can become a little dryer in areas. Our Organic sugar scrub is perfect to remove tan and dead skin. Not only is cane sugar a really effective mechanical body exfoliant, it also has glycolic acids to smooth the canvas. Laced with nutritive nut oils to then hydrate and heal.

For the tan enthusiasts…
If you follow the steps previously listed you are on a great path towards the perfect tan… Moisturising regularly leads to well prepped and hydrated skin. On the day of tan, Give yourself a body buff with gloves and a natural foaming based body cleanser. When you jump out of the shower, lightly moisturise elbows, knees, hands, feet and ankles to make sure the tan doesn’t grab too much to the dryer skin. Whether you are leaving it up to the professionals or doing a home job, your tan can look great either way. If your’e not quite confident, spike your tan with a bit of body moisturiser so you can apply with more ease. Always where gloves! When doing the face, spike evenly face moist to tan so you get a natural looking face tan that doesn’t sit in the pores. To finish, remove gloves and wipe backs of hands together until and even amount of tan has been smoothed into backs of hands. Use a dry towel to buff any streak marks out from all over the body. Our fave toxin free organic tan is head over and enter VIGOUR20 at check out to get 20% off your first order – valid untill 31/12/2016 x

Hands and feet…. it’s nice to have a mani/pedi but for those of us who are time poor, the best way to achieve a nice look at home is simple. When you get out of the shower and hands and feet have been soaked in the water, take advantage and push the cuticles back. High cuticles always make a polish look messy. When in the shower scrubbing over hands and feet with gloves and body wash or body scrub will also make this step easier. Shape evenly with a good quality file. A round shape will ensure your polish lasts longer and wont chip as easily. Always use base and top coat so the base is smooth and the top is shiny. If you have weaker nails, use a nail strengthener as your base. If you have a bit of a shaky hand, paint the night before your event – not on the day – so you can exfoliate the fingers if you have gotten a little polish on the skin. Use a light colour if you are not confident with step. If you are active and easily chip your polish keep the nails shorter so there is less chance of this happening. Our fave strengthening base coat is OPI nail envy and our absolute fave cruelty free unique colours are head over and sign up for 15% off your first order.

If you follow these steps you will be floating and flawless and ready for the party season in no time. Oh one very important step we left out…. HAVE FUN!

xx N & J