Introducing our new campaign ‘LOVE YOURSELF”. Looking good is so much about feeling good. If it starts from within you can’t help but radiate that positivity. This is through so many different facets and through the journey of this campaign we will cover as many of those as we can. Spreading the love through our Vigour Movement. Things such as mental health, physical fitness and health, yummy recipes, heartfelt stories, feel good rituals – pretty much anything dedicated to holistic well-being will be covered as well as through our #…. yourself e.g #cleanseyourself #treatyourself #restyourself #exfoliateyourself and #loveyourself which will be at the forefront of the campaign and will break the bigger picture down into smaller more achievable and fun steps to a happier and healthier us!

Along life’s track we have become passionate about well-being through our own experiences of being on the other end of the spectrum from time to time as well as family and friends loosing their way and sense of purpose. So when we set out to create Vigour we wanted it be so much more than a great skin care routine. We created the Vigour movement to support the “beauty from the inside out” philosophy as well as teaming up with beyond blue to support a healthy mind and healthy life.

So stay tuned and even subscribe for regular updates on the “LOVE YOURSELF” journey at the VIGOUR MOVEMENT.

xx N & J