Love yourself – mums and skincare… make time for yourself

Here at Vigour, being busy mums ourselves, we completely understand how hard it can be to fit a little “Love yourself” time into the daily grind…Its so important to remember that you are a human being and being kind to yourself and feeling good is an important basic fundamental.

Here are a few ways we fit our routines in during the day:

1. Pick your quiet time – what quiet time right!? Well… as quiet as it will get. Bath time is the perfect time to be in the bathroom while supervising the kids. Use this time to give the skin a deep Vigour cleanse, we use the nice warm bath water to soak the face cloth, opening the pores aiding in deeply cleansing the skin (twice). Vigour cleanser will not affect your children’s bath water. Its actually full of beautiful natural ingredients so probably one of the safer ones to use around the kidlets! If it is your chosen night to exfoliate, this is a great time to be designated into the bathroom. The kids love watching my face turn white as the enzymes react to the dead skin. Laughing and giggling at how funny mumma looks with her paint on.

2. Make your routine user friendly – With kids, the busiest time of day for us is the morning. Busily packing snacks and arguing to get the gumboots and washing up gloves exchanged for something a little more socially acceptable can be a challenge in itself! So keep it simple in the AM. If you dont have enough time for a cleanse, use your on the spot cleanser Vigour conditioner (spray onto a cotton disk and wipe across the face) to prep the skin followed by a quick pump of serum and moisturiser and out the door.

3. Load your diet with skin loving nutrients – sneak them in everywhere and anywhere! This could be as simple as choosing grainy bread or cooking with coconut oil where possible. Choosing a darker chocolate and accompanying it with some fruit. We love packing our nutribullets with plenty of fruit, veg and grains topped with coconut water to make sure we are getting loads of vitamins, essentials fats and hydration.

So to all the mums out there, our first official Vigour blog is dedicated to you and keeping you feeling healthy and fresh. Love yourselves as much as your babies do!

xx N & J