CLEANSING – Vigour Skin Therapy Style!

Vigour has a different philosophy when it comes to keeping our largest organ clean.
All of us have skin and even if we aren’t the most avid skin care user we all wash it in one way or another.
The problem is that much of what’s out there in terms of cleansing products can be doing more harm than good stripping away the skins natural protection leaving it opened to sensitivity, breakout, dehydration and premature aging.
Traditionally, a cleanser was designed to remove things like dirt, makeup, pollutants and other forms of irritants from the skin and in the process stripping the skin of its natural lubrications that help protect the skin from daily aggressors. Modern formulations should be designed not only to cleanse away the day but also to start the calming and restorative process pre hydration applications.
A lot of us also don’t realise that all of our other product applications work much better soaking into a clean and hydrated skin.
Vigour Skin Therapy have 3 different cleansing products depending on your lifestyle requirements and skin type. All of which work with the skins natural synergy keeping it not only clean on a deeper level but healthy balanced and clear , calm, hydrated and protected .
Organic Jojoba Oil Cleanser
A revolutionary way to cleanse, Vigour Skin Therapy Organic Jojoba Oil Cleanser uses skin balancing Jojoba oil which is particularly suited to very dry skins and congested /oily congested skins alike. The hero ingredient of Organic Jojoba oil balances the sebaceous gland freeing the skin of the pore blocking cycle whilst dry skins benefit from the nourishing effect that mimics the skins natural protection that a dry skin lacks.

Revive Treatment Cleanser
A traditional cleanser that is perfect to be used in the shower for ease. Unlike other cleansers that just remove, Vigour Skin Therapy Revive Treatment Cleanser gives back to the skin. Drenching the skin in balancing,strengthening & purifying ingredients.

Rejuvenate Conditioner

Vigour Skin Therapy Rejuvenate Conditioner is perfect for those of us whom are on the move a lot, not a makeup wearer, excises and/or travels quite a bit and is fuss free. This product is a multi-tasker like you! A fabulous on the spot cleanser pre and post workout or whilst traveling, simply using a cotton pad drenched in the conditioning liquid, wipe over, repeat if required and you’re done. No water or sink required.

If you really don’t know where to start with a cleanser. Why not say where we will consult with you personally!