cleanse_yourselfHappy 2017 Vigourettes! On the trail of our love yourself campaign we wanted to touch on the importance of cleansing! Mentally, internally and of course as skin care enthusiasts… topically!
So here are our favorite tips to a cleansed life:
CLEANSING YOUR HEAD: We all know when our inner voice is talking to us. Sometimes we let it go on for far too long without answering its call and end up in a bit of a slump. That voice talks when we need a change or when something isn’t sitting right. So the first point is to cleanse yourself and your life of anything that’s not serving your highest intention. Whether it is a habit, person, way of thinking, a job or finally doing something you’ve been putting off for a long time.

Some really great ways of purging the negative and bringing in a nice new clean slate is by cleansing your thought process of the fog thoughts with a positive one instead. For instance “I’m fat” replaced with “my body is happy and healthy and serves me in the most beautiful ways”, replacing “I’m hopeless” with “I’m full of hope and opportunity and can achieve anything I put my mind to”. Our mind is so powerful and is like a computer system that can get clogged up with viruses. Every now and then it is so healthy to clean it out and reboot. We also love choosing a couple of affirmations to repeat throughout the day with what you truly want in your life or how you want to feel being the focus. Starting the day with 3 things you are grateful for will set a positive tone for the day ahead and remind you not to sweat the small stuff.

CLEANSING YOUR HOME: The Power of a spring clean does not have to be restricted to one season! Our home can affect our health in so many ways. De cluttering and giving away what you no longer need or use to charity, a friend or by doing a weekend market stall will make you feel good and/or line your pockets with extra cash. Your mental clarity will increase as soon as you decrease within the home. If your finding it hard to get into the swing of things, buy/make posie of blooms and set them in a vase making you want to keep the space positive. Smudge your home with white sage to clear the energy and set different pieces of crystal around your home to re energise you and your space.

CLEANSING YOUR BODY: An internal cleanse is a great habit to get into every 3 months or so with trying to keep on the straight and narrow as much as possible in between. We find that its human nature to let the good habits slip so to reset every quarter is a great way to feel your best all year round. Internal factors can affect our skin, our mood, energy levels, sleep, and physical being.
A great checklist is:
Remove any processed food and replace them with natural and healthy alternatives. If you’ve been reaching for something sweet with a cuppa mid afternoon replace it with organic yogurt and a handful of fresh berries or some nuts and kale chips.
Challenge yourself, try cutting dairy/gluten or drinking a big green smoothie every morning for a week just to get to know your body and its digestion in a different way.
Decrease the coffee intake and replace with a healthy herbal tea. Green, rooibos, white, liquorice… the list goes on. If you are a massive coffee drinker, dandelion is an affective replacement.
Increase water and make it your bev of choice 95% of the time. When we increase the H20 to approx 2.5 litres day our skin gets a benefit from the surplus and will be hydrated and clear. All of our internal systems will work at their optimum including our detoxifying lymphatic system and even our brain. A couple big glasses of H20 in the morning is proven to be more effective than coffee at getting the engine going!
Limit dairy, red meat, processed white carbs, dairy and sugar. All of these cause acidity within our system, inflammation and advanced glycation (quickened aging!). Replace with whole grains, white fish, legumes, veggies and the likes.
Eat wholefoods and anything from the ground!
If you find this process hard to kickstart initially, there are a few great companies around to help you on your way. are amazing and deliver fresh healthy nutritionist organised meals to your door breakfast lunch and dinner do a fabulous range of juices detox programmes to get you into the swing of things! For your exclusive offer enter vigourcleanse at checkout for 15% off your next cleanse with schkinnymaninny
Both of the above have quite a few different programmes to choose from to make sure it suits you.

CLEANSING YOUR SKIN: We all attempt some kind of cleansing on a daily basis for the skin, our body and on our face. Unfortunately some of what we do can be causing more damage than good…
Ingredients to steer clear of before we get into the technique secrets to get your cleanest skin yet…
Choose a cleanser free of stripping agents and detergents. Sodium lauryl and lureth sulphate are some of the worst offenders.
Alcohol free
Witch hazel free (although natural still strips the natural barrier when used regularly)
Benzol peroxide (used for breakout prone skins but is damaging and oil increasing in the long run)
Also steer clear of major nasties and ingredients that congest the pores, not just in your cleanser but in all of the applications you put on your skin
Choose no man made colours, fragrances, parabens, petro chemicals, mineral oils, lanolin, formaldehyde or its derivatives.
And never use straight out soap! Even on your body it will take away all the natural hydration and lubricators from your skin including your natural shield that protects your skin. It can cause dryness, sensitivity, breakout and eczema to name a few.
Now for technique
Even the best cleanser in the world won’t work to its best potential is we don’t use it correctly.
In the morning use a pump or 2 of your chosen cleanser (Revive Treatment Cleanser is our pick). Using a little water in your hands and applying to a dampened face massage it into the skin for at least a minute focusing on areas of concern such as the t-zone. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with an alcohol and witch hazel free floral water or toner. Wipe the product over the skin using a cotton pad. Let the skin dry before applying your serum, eye product, moisturizer and SPF.
In the evening you should always do two cleanses even if you haven’t been wearing makeup. The first cleanse will remove daily pollution, sweat, excess oil, makeup if you’re wearing it and old sunscreen and/or moisturizer etc that has done its job for the day and become stale.
The second cleanse will then be able to flush through the pore deeply and effectively (without all of the above in the way) leaving the skin properly cleaned!
Another word from the wise is to consider an oil cleanser as your first cleanse in the evening. We have fabulous pure organic Australian oil in our range however there are a lot of oil cleansers out on the market that you can choose from. Oil will remove even the most stubborn water proof eye makeup gently. If it can do that you can imagine how emulsifying and deep cleansing it is.
Some other benefits of an oil cleanse is its ability to regulate the skin. It can nourish dry skin and regulate the oil gland by mimicking the skin s natural oil sensing a message to the gland to slow down production which is the complete opposite of most cleansers on the market which will dry out the skin, strip and in turn stimulate more oil production!
Oil cleansers when used to remove eye makeup nourish the gentle eye area that has a tendency to thin and dehydrate and it also treats and protects the lashes.
Some of our clients will choose to just use the oil cleanse for a few days at a time as their evening cleanse and especially during the winter months. This strengthens the natural protective barrier and balances the complexion also combating the winter attack. Used this way, also do two applications wiping off the first and repeating before applying your serum etc.
Now for the best oil cleansing technique.
Massage a couple of pumps of oil into dry skin using no added water. Massage for a minute or two before using a face washer that’s been ran through warm water and rang out and then pressed into the skin for a few seconds before wiping away the excess oil. You can also add a little essential oil of your chose to a basin full of warm water to infuse into the face washer and create a lovely evening cleansing ritual.

N & J xx