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Happy 2017 Vigourettes! On the trail of our love yourself campaign we wanted to touch on the importance of cleansing! Mentally, internally and of course as skin care enthusiasts… topically! So here are our favorite tips to a cleansed life: CLEANSING YOUR HEAD: We all know when our inner voice is talking to us. Sometimes we let it go on for far too long without answering its call and end up in a bit .

PREP yourself… Party season styles

Considering we are right the thick of the Silly Season! We thought it a good time to give a few party prep tips to set you on your way the right way! Prep for your prep…. During this Season, through lots of Christmas parties there is definitely more pollutants entering the body! Make sure your’e drinking at least 3L’s of water per day to combat the dehydration and flush your system from toxins brought .


Introducing our new campaign ‘LOVE YOURSELF”. Looking good is so much about feeling good. If it starts from within you can’t help but radiate that positivity. This is through so many different facets and through the journey of this campaign we will cover as many of those as we can. Spreading the love through our Vigour Movement. Things such as mental health, physical fitness and health, yummy recipes, heartfelt stories, feel good rituals – .

Love yourself – mums and skincare… make time for yourself

Here at Vigour, being busy mums ourselves, we completely understand how hard it can be to fit a little “Love yourself” time into the daily grind…Its so important to remember that you are a human being and being kind to yourself and feeling good is an important basic fundamental. Here are a few ways we fit our routines in during the day: 1. Pick your quiet time – what quiet time right!? Well… as .