Definition… Vigour- To give life & energy to a living organism &/or cell.

Created by two facial specialists, Natasha Duarte & Jessica Nash, with over 25 year experience between them, more passion than you could ever imagine and an extra keen understanding for everything skin & how to create the healthiest skin you’ve ever known! Along with the assistance from some of Sydenys best cosmetic pharmacists for perfectly balanced formulations.After working with many different products, treatments and skins, we became aware of a gap in the market that needed to be filled – Natural products with no nasties that still gave unwavering serious results no matter what the skin condition. Not your average “natural product”.

“Sydney’s best kept secret ….”

Even though you may not have heard of us, Vigour has been around since 2010. We initially created Vigour to provide long term results and true change for our clients without the use of unwanted chemicals. Due to word of mouth after the overwhelming success in our own clinics, an online store was created. The Vigour movement is now ready to take on the world!

What sets us apart…

When you purchase a bottle of Vigour, every ingredient is intentional & working for your skins best interest.

  • Vigour is free from nasty chemicals & carcinogens that are a hindrance to you and your skins health.
  • No toxic transfer as we don’t use plastic bottles to house our formulations.
  • Our packaging is recyclable
  • No animal testing
  • Home grown

Natasha Duarte

Natasha Duarte has been a fixture of the Sydney Beauty scene for the past 15 years.

Her true passion for the industry and the skin as well as her unrelenting desire to keep educated and at the top of the game has been a formula that’s created a consultation and a facial experience so unique that a loyal following of Sydney siders has preceded.

Her philosophies focus on working with the skins natural processes and creating unrivalled results naturally. Vigour Skin Therapy was born from this belief.

Having ran successful clinics and creating a premium range of product that truly has filled a gap in the market, Natasha has left a stamp on the Australian beauty industry that will stand the test of time and continue to evolve.

Jessica Nash

Vigour Skin Therapy’s co-founder Jessica Nash has been a principal facialist on the Sydney beauty scene for over ten years and has managed deluxe beauty salons across Sydney. Working in some of Sydney’s most elite spas, Jess has had the pleasure of treating International and Australian celebrities.

“I’m interested in becoming the queen of beauty – not so much a beauty queen – here to prove to the world that beauty can be so much more than makeup and perfume. After my daughters were born I felt a strong urge to fill my home and our bodies with natural, quality goods so I’m constantly on the search for just that.”