Organic Lip Slather

made up of a blend of natural organic oils, butters, waxes and vitamin E. It nourishes and smooths whilst protecting the lips from harsh environmental conditions and pollutants. Contains no nasties just love for your lips! N & J Say... This little wonder prod has a number of uses! Uses as a brow sculptor, cheek bone highlighter and even as a protective balm on any areas of dryness on the face and body.

Collagen Eye, Lip and Line Fix

Suspended in organic aloe Vera gel, cucumber and marine collagen aid in super hydration, plumping and soothing areas as well as vitamins and minerals contained in regenerative and anti aging wonder ingredient sea buckthorn. Green tea detoxifies and boosts antioxidant protection whilst which hazel tones and tightens. Fine lines are reduced and tiredness eased. N & J Say... Eye cream not enough? Why not try using collagen eye lip and line fix as an eye .

Renewal Elixir – Coenzyme Q10 & Alpha Lipoic Acid Complex

Coenzyme Q10 is a powerhouse of action on the skin working as a super antioxidant preventing the breakdown of healthy tissue and protecting the skin cells as well as acting as a catalyst to positive functions within the skin and may increase the cellular energy. Alphalipoic acid is also present in the intense serum providing antioxidant protection up to 400 times more powerful than vitamin c as well as aiding in the slow down .

Antioxidant Surge Eye Infusion

Laced with rosehip, macadamia and apricot kernel designed to feed the skin with nutritive oils and essential fatty acids to assist in regeneration as well as anti aging repair and lubrication. cucumber provides detoxifying, toning and invigorating properties whilst avocado and aloe super hydrate and condition. Calming lavender soothes leaving the eyes perfectly treated, protected and awakened! N & J Say... for an extra in-Vigouration, keep your Antioxidant Surge Eye Infusion in the fridge. The .